Spiritual Mentoring

Because you have an unique road doesn't mean you have to travel alone.

Who I am

I am a very advanced practicionner on the spiritual understanding of the nature of the spirit, the matter and the way they interact.

Whoever you are, I can assure you that my mastery can support the developpement of yours.

What I do

I offer different way to support your growth. The more advanced and sensible you are, the longer the mentoring can be.

If you are starting out I can help you build spiritual and energetycal strenght, harmony and wisdom.

Why I do it

Practical and applicable spirituality is all that matter to me. Understanding and growing, with love and respect for all that is, is priomordial in my everyday life.

I am happy to help you helping yourself.

Step 01

We determine where you are, where you want to be and who you are.

Step 02

We determine the correct mix of indepedant work, on your side, and supported work/training/teaching with me.

Step 03

We adapt this program, speed up or speed down according to your progress, constraints and preferences.


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