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Welcome to LightfullCoach,

I am Zanetta Adrien, a creative &

transformational coach expert,

specialised in

leaders and artists.

Currently based in Strasbourg, France.

If this list is describing some of your needs :

I can help you.

Personnal Transformation
  • (Re)Discovery of you true potential
  • Developpement of your vitues
  • Learning to take wise and faire decision when in a position of autorithy.
Creativity Boost
  • Expressing who you are in harmony with thhe "whole" and others
  • Thinking and living with clarity, awareness.
  • Creating and inovating through a ininterupted flow of inspiration.
Conferences and Workshop Organisation
  • About Spirituality or Energetic;
  • About bettering one life with oneself and with others;
  • About self expression.


I will always look for nor only the best solution for your situation, but also the fastest way to reach it.


As and ex therapist respect of secrecy and intimacy is amoung the most sacred piliars of the relation I have with those I work with.


LightFull is implying, among other thing, that I will be truthfull, yet higly diplomatic and empathetic. If I work with you, it is to support you growth, not your beliefs or fears.


Copying simply wont cut it. I work with leaders, who wich to bring their own light. And I work through mine as well :-).


I always work with a managable number of people so I can be ready to answer them as fluidly as possible.

While keeping in mind that the goal is reaching your best own independance of guidance and creation.


There is no true intellectual and mental improvement/sublimation without going through spiritual understanding and acts.

If are strongly "against" that point, someone elsewhere might be a better fit for you.


About Me

I find great joy helping people, buisnesses and organisations to create the life and art of their dream.

From authoring, painting to personnal or collective projet, I support all those aspiring to create or be something/someone greater.


Consulting Services


Creative Insight

We look toghether into your projet.

Whether it is of artistic, personnal and intimate

or collective value, we will tell what you can

do to bring it to higher greatness


Personal Development 

Improving, like improving what you offer to the world, is a matter of improving who YOU are.

Let's start on a journey where I help you to find your own rythm of growth.


Workshops, Formations and Conferences

Are you representing a group or an organisation ?

In that case an intervention for an evening or even a formation during a few days could be what benefit you the most !


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