My journey

I am Adrien Zanetta, old student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, and went through 7 schools and universities to study economics, sociology, and managment science. During these years, I explored on my end behavioral sciences, psychology and every applicable field of application of cognitive science.

Following the realization of the profund unsatisfaction I felt about what was taugh to me, I decided to work as relational coach during my last years of academic studies.

I follow trought this path until I meet the hard limit that pure motivation have when it comes to helping an individual in his/her evolution, I decide to complement my competences with a training in hypnotherapy.

It is then during a ermitage of about 2 years that I get to become more familiar with creative and spiritual art and the best way to ease there expression.

I decided at this point to travel all around France for a year to test my new understanding of the world in a larger space than the one I have been using as my home all this time. I move 9 times during this period.

I support today leaders wishing to access a better inspiration and perception source (in themselves) or to develop their vitues, discernment and the quality of their decision taking. Project accompagnment and organizing of workshop or conferences is also offered.